Private concerts combine curated music, art, and cocktails

Fort Collins, CO, October 22, 2018 – Colorado composer and impresario, Gustav Hoyer, is launching a new offering of in-home concerts to enable individuals to host a curated evening of word, art, music, and mixology. These intimate events provide homeowners and executive hosts the opportunity to offer their family, friends, and business associates a rich and memorable experience in the intimacy of a private environment. The offerings, called Salons, are now available for scheduling.

The term Salon comes from a longstanding tradition of in-home music-making that emphasizes personal connections and small gatherings. For this modern reincarnation, Hoyer brings together highly-accomplished Colorado players to present unfamiliar and new classical music in a way designed to engage modern listeners. He says, “With recorded music dominating our lives, many people no longer have an opportunity to hear music performed in their own home. This Salon offering provides the ultimate in high-fidelity musical experience.”

The Salon also adds specially curated art, narration, and even custom mixology. The curator of art for the Salon Series is accomplished Colorado artist, Scott Laumann. Since the mid-1990’s, Mr. Laumann has completed numerous commissions for Time, Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, GQ, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Dow Jones, the Grammy Awards, Warner Brothers and Netscape among others. Over the past decade, he has lived and worked in Spain, Philadelphia, Orange County, Minnesota, San Diego, Germany and San Francisco and has exhibited in several galleries in the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Hoyer has also partnered with popular, prohibition-themed bar, Social in Fort Collins to create a special cocktail that echoes the themes and experience of the music and art.

Speaking about the challenges that many people feel when trying to engage classical music Hoyer says, “Classical music style is unfamiliar for many modern listeners, and the Salon is the perfect way to bring this elegant and compelling music together with more familiar elements to take down the barriers and ostentation of typical classical music and invite people into a compelling human experience with the players, composer, and artist.”

As a part of launching this new offering, Hoyer is releasing a new album containing some of the music featured in the Salon performances. The new album, Witness, features three of Hoyer’s most recent works for Piano Quartet and Wind Quintet. It will be available on October 22nd through all major digital distribution channels including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon music.

Homeowners interested in hosting a Salon can learn more at

Salon Sessions