The Salon Sessions are a series of highly curated house concerts featuring original music, craft cocktails, and thematic art installations. The series, hosted in private residences, provides intimate experiences for a limited number of invited guests, harkening back to the way classical music was originally presented.

The Director

The Salon Sessions is the brainchild of composer and impresario Gustav Hoyer. His music has been heard in concert, in film, and on radio around the world.  Although having  composed for a wide variety of ensembles, his great love is for the richness of the orchestra.  He continues to create new music that draws on the tools of classical vocabulary to create musical narratives that are modern in their contemplations.  He was the founder and Artistic Director for the Los Angeles-based Orchestra Unleashed, and is currently serving as the Artistic Director of Colorado-based NoCo Artists.

The Performers

All Salon Sessions concerts feature the finest musicians available in a given region.  Musicians are compensated and must meet rigorous standards for rehearsal and performance, assuring hosts of a memorable and one-of-a-kind encounter. 


What makes a Salon Session?

Salons carry a long legacy as gatherings of cultural appreciation in the home of an esteemed host.  The idea is far from new, originating in Italy but popularized by the French in the 17th and 18th centuries.  No matter what shape they’ve taken through history, attendees of salons had two main interests: to be entertained and to discover new dimensions of cultural refinement.

This is still true in the 21st century.  Attendees can expect to be surprised and delighted by the experience of sitting closer than ever to world class musicians, watching their facial expressions and body language as they perform. Unique cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are part of the experience.  But the entertainment is also an opportunity to find new interests, new conversations, and new appreciation for a time-tested musical form.

There’s something already unique about being so close to the performers, but the fact that this was held in someone’s home creates such a deeply warm and inviting atmosphere on every level. I wish all concerts had this much thought put into them.   

Rebekah Hendrickson (Salon Sessions Guest)

Host a Salon Session and create an indelible memory.

Hosting a Salon Session is a unique way to distinguish yourself.  Whether commemorating a family gathering, seeking to make an impression on a business colleague, or simply wanting to gather friends together to experience beautiful music, hosting a Salon will set you and your home apart from the crowd.  


Unique compositions by Gustav Hoyer, Classical masters and world premiers, all performed by a commissioned group of excellent musicians at your home.


A specific cocktail will be selected and served matching the theme of your particular show.


Original artwork, photography and installations curated and presented with intention.